I am a graduate student in theoretical computer science at MIT where I am advised by Ryan Williams.

Before grad school, I did my undergrad in computer science at IIT Bombay.


  • Fast Low-Space Algorithms for Subset Sum.
    Ce Jin, Nikhil Vyas, R. Ryan Williams
    SODA 2021
  • Lower Bounds Against Sparse Symmetric Functions of ACC Circuits: Expanding the Reach of #SAT Algorithms.
    Nikhil Vyas, R. Ryan Williams
    STACS 2020
  • Near-Optimal Complexity Bounds for Fragments of the Skolem Problem.
    S. Akshay, Nikhil Balaji, Aniket Murhekar, Rohith Varma, Nikhil Vyas
    STACS 2020
  • Algorithms and Lower Bounds for Cycles and Walks: Small Space and Sparse Graphs.
    Andrea Lincoln, Nikhil Vyas
    ITCS 2020
  • Efficient Constructions for Almost-Everywhere Secure Computation.
    Siddhartha Jayanti, Srinivasan Raghuraman, Nikhil Vyas
    EUROCRYPT 2020
  • On Super Strong ETH.
    Nikhil Vyas, Ryan Williams
    SAT 2019 [Best Paper Award]
  • Imperfect Gaps in Gap-ETH and PCPs.
    Mitali Bafna, Nikhil Vyas
    CCC 2019
  • Approximation Algorithms for Min-Distance Problems.
    Mina Dalirrooyfard, Virginia Vassilevska Williams, Nikhil Vyas, Nicole Wein, Yinzhan Xu, Yuancheng Yu
    ICALP 2019
  • Tight Approximation Algorithms for Bichromatic Graph Diameter and Related Problems.
    Mina Dalirrooyfard, Virginia Vassilevska Williams, Nikhil Vyas, Nicole Wein
    ICALP 2019
  • Thwarting Adversarial Examples: An L_0-Robust Sparse Fourier Transform.
    Mitali Bafna, Jack Murtagh, Nikhil Vyas
    NeurIPS 2018
  • Distribution-based objectives for Markov Decision Processes.
    S. Akshay, Blaise Genest, Nikhil Vyas
    LICS 2018
  • Complexity of Restricted Variants of Skolem and Related Problems.
    S. Akshay, Nikhil Balaji, Nikhil Vyas
    MFCS 2017
  • Faster space-efficient algorithms for subset sum and k-sum.
    Nikhil Bansal, Shashwat Garg, Jesper Nederlof, Nikhil Vyas
    STOC 2017
  • On Regularity of Unary Probabilistic Automata.
    S. Akshay, Blaise Genest, Bruno Karelovic, Nikhil Vyas
    STACS 2016
  • Teaching

  • Learning Augmented Algorithms. (MIT 6.890, Spring 2019)
    Teaching assistant to Professors Costis Daskalakis and Piotr Indyk
  • Introduction to Computational Complexity. (IIT Bombay CS 721, Fall 2016)
    Teaching assistant to Professor Nutan Limaye.
  • Discrete Structures. (IIT Bombay CS 207, Fall 2015)
    Teaching assistant to Professor S. Akshay.